One Step Broom Reviews

Emmett S.

Once in a lifetime concept! Helps keep the house tidy with 2 young children at home.

Yvette B.--Nurse

"With 4 generations under one roof, this product makes cleaning so easy."

Chris C.--Realtor

"The One Step Broom is the perfect product we've been waiting for to handle all of our kids' messes."

Travis M.-- Commercial Cleaning Service

"Our company will never go back to the old method of sweeping."

Norma--Owner, Residential Cleaning Service

"I use this product at all my clients' homes. This broom saves us time and allows us to clean faster."

Silvia S.--Retired

"One Step Broom makes cleaning fun and enjoyable."

Jess S.

The Wet and Dry Bristle Combo and no bending is a lifesaver. This product has changed cleaning for me entirely."

Mark D.--Owner, Assisted Living Facility

"The One Step Broom keeps my Assisted Living Facility clean and safe, which is our biggest priority."

Lindsey H.--Property Manager

"My husband and I manage commercial properties, the One Step Broom keeps bathroom messes; both wet and dry clean. "

Clay J.--Logistics Coordinator

"The One Step Rubber Bristles and Cleaning Teeth makes it easy to sweep up Pet Hair and remove it from the bristles."

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